Horse Riding Vacation

Whether you own a horse, ride once a week or just want to do something different, there are hundreds of opportunities for riding related vacations. But that, of course, is itself a problem if you are a busy person with limited time to spend browsing the net. It can be quite difficult to find the holiday you want out of the many on offer.

In these pages I have tried to find a good selection of holidays and breaks involving horses and ponies. I have aimed to bring you a mix of opportunities to attempt to suit all tastes, if that is possible.

(Please note that I am not selling holdays - just providing information which you might find useful if you are interested in horse related activity breaks.)

Maybe you just want to enjoy riding your own horse in some new scenery, or just want to do some riding or trecking while on holiday. Perhaps you desire a complete break from your normal routine and are looking for an activity holiday or riding vacation in the UK or a more exotic location abroad.

There are even breaks that focus on learning to ride or learning new skills or improving existing skills under expert tuition.

Whatever your requirements there are thousands of people each year enjoying exciting and interesting horse activity breaks, so why not give yourself a treat and join them?

Trying to make some sense out of the maze of offers available has been great fun and I hope you find something to suit you in the following pages. Below are my select list of holiday suppliers specialising in equine breaks.

You will also find a few well known holiday and travel companies who can provide you with other types of holiday or short breaks.

If you are looking especially for UK breaks I have also included links to the British Horse Society who provide a list of BHS registered and approved trekking and livery centres across the UK. On their site you can also request maps of all the bridleways in the UK.