Know Your Horse

Nutrition For Your Horse

Horse eating from sack

Basic Horse Nutrition

It makes sense that in order for your horse to be healthy, it has to eat a healthy diet, and that means eating a diet that is suitable for it. So how do you know what is a healthy diet? For your horse, the diet must contain the required nutrients for that class of horse. 

Your veterinarian will be able to tell you which nutrients your horse should be eating, and what roughage too. Yes, your vet is a source of much information, as well as healing knowledge, so don't forget to use this source.

A horse‚Äôs basic diet consists of grass from the pasture, or roughage that has been harvested. The major factor in feeding horses is to make sure you give them their daily requirements, and that means they should be fed at least 1% of their total weight every day.

Remember that the amount of food your horse will require depends on the amount of exercise it is having each day. Just like humans, if little energy is being expended, there is not too much input needed.

If you have a pregnant mare, you must be more attentive to their diet, because their diet should be a mixture of roughage and nutrients. Again your vet will be able to advise you to make sure the foal is healthy, and the mare is able to nurse the offspring.

When feeding foals, you have to provide them with the appropriate supplements before the weaning phase. Some mares are poor milkers, and in this case the foal is likely to suffer from diseases. As the owner, you should make sure your mare and its foal are in good health, and if they do not appear to be so, then call in the vet for some advice. It'll be worth it in the long run. 

So, give your horse a good diet with a good exercise regime, and you will have a happy horse for life!