Horse Gifts For Girls

The Top Five most attractive gifts appear to be:

1) A horse (or a better horse)
We could have seen that one coming, of course! It was the first choice.

2) Horse related play equipment (stables, sets of small jumps, play horses, toy brushes and equipment to look after their horses)
Take me there.

3) Fun books about horses fictional horse stories, drawing books, horse picture and knowledge books - especially with pictures of Arab horses (recommended by my nieces).
Take me there.

4) Something for their horse (as long as it mades the rider look better – pretty brow bands, personalised rugs, new horse boots – in gaudy colours, matching silk and leg bandages).

5) Fun days outdon’t forget children love picnics, treasure hunts, pony club events and most riding schools will organise pony days and events where children can rent ponies to join in the fun.

(For obvious reasons I cannot give you any assurances about the quality or reliability of any of the suppliers mentioned or of the products they sell. All I can say is that you should exercise your normal caution when buying over the Internet).