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Horse Buying

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Tips for Selecting Your Horse
Although dogs are perhaps the most popular pet, there are many families who long to own their own horse, or horses. There are some aspects of keeping a horse that you should be aware of before you consider buying your own horse and you should answer these questions as honestly as possible!

Why are you buying a horse?
Are you just wanting a horse for recreational pursuits, or are you wanting to compete in show jumping?
Perhaps you are looking to breed horses, or do you need a work horse to help around the ranch?

Until you are sure of what type of activities your horse is going to be doing, you don't really know what kind of horse to look for.

Who is going to use this horse?
Again, it is important to know the answer to this before buying your horse. If it is for a child, then you do not want the biggest available! It just wouldn't make sense. If the horse is for your use, and yours alone, then you only have to consider your own preferences. However, if the horse is to be shared, you obviously have to consider everyone's ideal horse, and see which horse can fill the most options.

You of course need to purchase a horse that is suitable for the riding level of those who will be riding this horse, taking into account the size and weight of all the possible riders too.

What about the horse's age
While purchasing a slightly older horse, you may well be able to get one that is trained, but may also be used to set routines. It can be hard for a horse to adjust and go from a large stable, grazing on lots of land, to a small stable with not much room for grazing. It would be a good idea to ask for the help of the trainer who is going to train your horse as to a suitable age.

Do you want a Mare?
If you are intending to breed horses, then you may want to consider buying a mare, as it will give you more rights for future offspring. A gelding (a castrated male horse) is generally ideal for riders who are just at the beginner level. A stud horse, or in other words a stallion that is used for breeding, invariably needs more experienced riders.

Are you particular about the horses color?
The color of horses' skin varies between black, brown and white, and if you have strong preferences then go with it. However, the age and the history of a horse is somewhat more important in my opinion.

The cost for your horse?
The costs for buying a horse are considerable, and you must also be fully aware that the costs for keeping the horse are too. There will be the feeding costs, more costs for grooming and possibly some sizable veterinarian fees in there too. If you do not have your own stable, then you will have to use a boarding stable, which of course puts the cost up some more.

Do you have time for a horse?
Like most pets, they need love and attention, feeding and grooming, and exercising of course. This can be very time consuming, so consider this aspect very carefully. Are you prepared to look after your horse in all weathers, in all seasons? Will it fit in with your work schedule? Only you knows the answer to this!

Breeds of HorsesSpanish Horse

ARABIAN Horses – These are one of the oldest and many believe them to be the most beautiful breed in the horse world. They are used mainly for competitive and recreational riding.

QUARTER Horses – These horses can be used for most purposes, riding as well as work. 

ANDALUSIAN Horses – These may be referred to as Spanish horses, the has a strong influence over almost all other horse breeds except for the Arabian.

BELGIAN HEAVY DRAFT Horse – This breed is generally used as a working horse.

MUSTANG OR BRONCO Horses– These are also known as Indian ponies. They are intelligent and hard workers.

So, if you are still thinking of buying your own horse, then good luck to you. Look after it well, and you will get lots of pleasure riding your horse!