Know Your Horse

How to Select a Horse Trainer

Depending on the age of your horse, you may have to hire a horse trainer to help you learn how to control your horse. The trainer will become a very important person in your life, so choose carefully.

It is a good idea to get recommendations from people you trust, but you also need to see how the trainer treats horses. Does his/her style of training agree with your own? Does he/she respect your horse?

Your trainer will help your horse to achieve its true potential, whether it is as a work horse, as a show jumper, or a racer. Your veterinarian may be a good source of advice too, as he will undoubtedly get to know the horse trainers in your area.

When interviewing prospective trainers, ask all sorts of questions so you get an idea of the personality of the trainer, whether it is someone you feel you can trust. It is important to trust your gut feeling. Intuition should not be ignored. Go with someone who really loves his  or her job of training horses. Those who love their work will do a better job for you.

Good luck finding your horse trainer!